Our Team

Louicius Michel, PhD

Dr. Louicius Michel graduated with a PhD in Business from Laval University. He has worked as an international consultant for several public and private organizations as well as multilateral NGOs while carrying out his scholarly duties. He has worked as a senior advisor to the Haitian Minister of Education and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He has been providing commendable services to his scientific community as a Reviewer for the Academy of Management, CEDIMES, etc., and a scientific committee member for many conferences. Dr. Michel has produced several peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, book chapters, consultation reports, management manuals and procedures. He is a Full Professor at Burman University, Alberta, where he has been working since 2003 while networking with international peers in the areas of research, collaborative teaching, and organizational/business development.


David Jeffrey, PhD

David is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business at Burman University. He teaches the Small Business Management course as well as courses related to people and technology in management. He has been involved as an employee in several small businesses and serves as the consultant to the Lacombe Composite High School Beewise Club, in which students make business plans and operate micro-businesses related to honey production. David's current area of research interest is organizational change involving technology.


Patricia Ng, MBA, CPA (MD)

Patricia has 30 years of teaching college/university accounting courses, 9 years in Singapore and 21 years at Burman University before retiring in 2016. She continues to teach on a contract basis for the School of Business at Burman University. She has published a computerized accounting simulation as well as the manual accounting version both of which are used to teach the accounting cycle. Since 2001, her volunteer work as the assistant treasurer for the local church continues to provide variety, enjoyment and enrichment.  Her work experience includes working as treasurer as well as an accountant in the Pacific Rim, the USA and Canada.


Virginia Irrgang

Virginia Irrgang is an adjunct professor at Burman University. She has taught in over six countries.She has taught classes from Kindergarten to Graduate School over the past 26 years.  She has also served on many School Boards. Helping students learn is her passion. 


Elizabeth George, MA, CSP

Elizabeth is a corporate leadership trainer and international speaker. Her range of experience includes economic development, customer experience, tourism, consulting and teaching. As an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business at Burman University, she coordinates the Business Intern Program and has been associated with Burman University since 1999. She has served as a small business consultant for the U.S. Small Business Administration and was director of a business development centre and incubator.


Danae Brousson, MBA

Danae is an alumna of the Burman University School of Business. She completed her MBA at Andrews University in 2017 and returned to Burman University to teach in the School of Business in 2018. Danae has experience working with small businesses in the health food industry and her areas of interest include small business management, business strategy, and accounting.


Almyra Hodder

Almyra is the Administrative Assistant at the School of Business. She graduated from Canadian Union College in 1981 (now Burman University) with a certificate in Secretarial Science.  Since then, Almyra has worked in various office positions across Canada and is now enjoying her new role with the School of Business.

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